If you are a new member and you have not yet made your first monthly subscription payment, there are three options for you to add your Wallet Address to your account. The first way is to click on the green "Add Your Payment" button, or if you are trying to make your first payment and you click on the green "Upgrade to next level" button, you will be prompted to add your Wallet Address first.   The third option is below.

From the Navigation menu, on the left hand side, click on "My Money", then "Bitcoin Wallet". Once the page opens up, you will be prompted to add your Bitcoin Wallet Address*.  Enter the Wallet Website** and your secret answer, then click on submit. 

* To find your Wallet Address in Blockchain, please see: https://zarfund.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/17000028144-required-wallet-blockchain-info

** The Wallet Website is: https://blockchain.info/