When you give out your ZarFund link to prospects, and your level 1 is already filled, the system will present your new prospect with a new sponsor, randomly, but still someone in your downline. And once they click on the "Upgrade to next level" button, if their new sponsor has not yet filled their first level, then this is who the new sign up will pay their first monthly Bronze subscription payment to.  The system will do this with every level it encounters that is already filled until it finds an empty spot somewhere down in your matrix. The important word here is RANDOMLY.


If you want to place people at specific spots in the matrix then you will need to use the link of the member you want the next person to fall under. Keep in mind people only get allocated a spot in the matrix once they upgrade.


There can also be the case of them being presented with the name of a new sponsor, upon joining, and being given yet a different name when they are ready to upgrade. If they are presented with one name, upon joining, and that new sponsor, in the meantime gets 2 paid referrals on their first level, before that new person has an opportunity to upgrade, then they will be given the next random name in your downline.

Also, please make sure that those you invite to join ZarFund, either with you personally, or through the link of one of your downline members, are seeing the name of their Inviter, in RED, at the top of the home page, "Invited by ....."  If not, they will need to clear their cached files before proceeding.  When they start out with the correct Inviter's link, then who ever the system gives them as a sponsor will be the right person and the process will go smoothly.

Please Note:  If you do have someone who has not cleared their cached files, first, and ends up in the wrong matrix, the best thing for them to do is to let that position expire, as the system will automatically delete that position if they have not upgraded within the 24 hour period.  Then they can rejoin, using their same information, using the correct link.  Support will not move those who sign up incorrectly.