Since ZarFund is growing by leaps and bounds everyday, there will be times when we will undergo maintenance and upgrades of the website.  During those times when the website is down, please do not send in a Support ticket, as we are all well aware that the site is down.  And as soon as we have finished, the site will be back up and running again.  Instead of sending in a Support ticket, letting us know the site is down or asking when it will be back up, we ask instead for your patience and understanding as we continue to grow ZarFund  better for everyone.

Then there are the times when we have something come up, that catches us all by surprise, and we have to take the website down, work on it, then bring it back up again, such as the reCATPTCHA code, or something like that.  Please know that we are always working to make sure that ZarFund is running at it optimal best and when we have to unexpectedly take the site down to make moderation's, we will be back up as soon as possible. 

Know that we are always aware of what is going on with the website and whenever anything comes up... we are on it!  Besides, the flood of support tickets about an issue that will eventually correct itself prevents us from giving the best support we can to those tickets that truly need our attention. So, the next time something like this happens, please refrain from sending in a Support Ticket.

We sincerely appreciate all of the many thousands that have joined with us and we appreciate your continued support and understanding as we grow ZarFund to new heights!