Until a person has actually upgraded from Stage 0 to Stage Bronze, they are NOT in the matrix. Therefore, you can have many Referrals on the various levels on the Referral Summary until you have the required number of paying members, on each level.  Then the rest will fall somewhere into your downline until they either pay or be deleted.  However, the primary place where you may experience having more paid referrals than what is required, is on your Level 1.

In the case where a person has 3 paid referrals on their level 1, this usually happens when the first of the 2 referral spots has been paid for, leaving one spot available on your level 1 and you have 2 people that are within seconds of confirming their payments, at the same time, and they both end up in that second spot, on your level 1. It is up to the person whose referrals they are to determine if they want them left there or they can request to have one of them moved elsewhere in their matrix, but it is up to them and no one else. 


If you find yourself in this position and you would like to have one of them moved elsewhere in your matrix, you can send in a Support Ticket, requesting the one to be moved. Please provide the Username of the person to be moved and the Username of the person you would like them moved under.