ZarFund is a Monthly subscription peer-to-peer Bitcoin payment platform. It is the monthly payments sent and received that gives the program its residual income effect. If everyone were to just make one payment, the program would not be as robust as it is. Therefore, when you upgrade to a particular level, you are creating a monthly subscription for that level. However, just as you would have monthly subscription payments to pay, you will also have those below you, who will make monthly subscription payments to you. This is how the ZarFund program is designed to work!


Please see the "How it Works" page on the website.


Each time you upgrade to a level, you are, in fact, making the first monthly payment for that level and creating a monthly subscription. About 5 days before your next monthly payment is due, you will see a Green "Pay Now" button next to the level subscription that is about to expire. When you click on that button the system will give you to person to pay. So, for example, when you upgraded to Level 1 (Bronze), you created a subscription where you will send the same payment every 30 days, to your Direct level 1 Upline, if they are qualified... and if they are not, your monthly subscription payment will bypass them and go up to the next qualified upline member. However, you should also be receiving the same subscription payments from the 2 people on your level 1 in your matrix, each month. You are only creating a monthly subscription for the levels you have upgraded to. Therefore, there is NO difference between an Upgrade to the Next Level and the Monthly Subscription Payment.


You can decide not to make your monthly subscription payment, for any level. However, as long as you have any subscriptions that are in the "Arrears", you will not receive ANY payments for that particular level. Once you pay for your subscription, even after it has expired, you can start receiving payments again. The due date for your monthly payments will always be 30 days from the date you first upgraded to a level.

For Example: You joined on September 3rd, your next monthly payment would be due 30 days after that date, on October 4th and the next monthly payment would be due on November 5th, and so on.  Whether you pay early, once the "Pay Now" button appears or your subscription expires and you pay late, the 30 day schedule will never change.  And as long as you have made at least 1 payment, your account will not be deleted. 

The system is fair to everyone. There is no pressure to keep a level if you are not receiving payments on that level yet. But you should keep an eye out on your downline so that you don't get skipped once your downline is ready to make a payment to you.



From the FAQ Page:


Q. What happens if I don't make my monthly subscription payment?


A. If your monthly subscription payments are in arrears, for any level that you have upgraded to, then the payments that would have come to you, for that particular level, will bypass you and go up to your level 1 upline, if they are qualified. For example: If someone on your level 3, in your matrix, is either upgrading to level 3 or is making their monthly payment for level 3, if you are qualified, you will receive that payment. If you are not yet on level 3 or you are in arrears on your level 3 monthly subscription, the payment will bypass you and go to your level 1 upline, if they are qualified to receive a level 3 payment, meaning they are already on level 3 and they are current with their level 3 monthly subscription payments. It works the same way with the regular upgrades and the monthly subscriptions... so don't get skipped!