When you are upgrading to another Level or you are making a subscription payment, you should stay with the process until Step 2 is complete.  If you start with Step 1 and make your payment but you do not complete Step 2 until later, you may also receive an error.  However, the two most common errors experienced by members are the "Transaction occurred before page load" and  "already used."

Transaction occurred before page load error


When you receive this error it is only because of one or two reasons: 1) you have entered an incorrect Hash ID or 2) you paid the subscription payment first, BEFORE clicking on the Upgrade page. 

When you are making your first monthly subscription payment for a level that you are upgrading to, through the "Upgrade to next stage" button, please make sure that you click on that button first, before making your payment.  Once you have copied the Wallet Address you are going to pay, leave the Upgrade page open then go to your Blockchain account and make your payment.  Also, please see the Quick Solutions Topic of "How to Find the Transaction Hash ID in Blockchain."  Once you have the Transaction Hash ID, go back to your ZarFund back office and complete Step 2.

If you are using a Wallet vendor besides Blockchain, please follow the instructions under Step 2, of the Upgrade page to find the Transaction Hash ID.

This process will be the same when you are making your subsequent monthly subscription payments, through the "Pay Now" button (for next month).  Make sure to click on this button first, before making a payment and leave the page open until you complete Step 2.

You can resolve this without sending in a Support Ticket by refreshing your page and re-entering the information.  You may have to do this a few times until it takes until you get an "OK." 

If this still does not work, you have two other options: 1) see if the person you sent the payment to will send it back, so that you can resubmit it correctly, or 2) you can send in a Support Ticket, and don't forget to Copy and Paste the Transaction Hash ID, in your ticket and we can try to resolve this for you.

Transaction Hash "already used" Error.


This means that the Transaction Hash ID you are trying to use has already been submitted by someone else in our system and it cannot be used again. You will receive this error message when you are not using a Blockchain wallet account and your wallet vendor bundles several transactions into one Hash ID or you are entering an incorrect Hash ID.

Since the Transaction Hash ID cannot be used in our system again, you will need to see if the person you sent the subscription payment to will return it to you so that you can resubmit it, after you set up a Blockchain account.  Once you make the payment from Blockchain, you will have a new Transaction Hash ID.

Please see the General Topic of "Getting a Blockchain Wallet Address" and the Quick Solutions for "How to Find the Transaction Hash ID in Blockchain" and "How to Change Your Wallet Address."

If you get the "already used" error, there is no need to send in a Support Ticket because you will receive this same response.  This last error is one of the primary reasons, besides being the safest, that we require you to use Blockchain.  Each Transaction Hash ID is unique and is never bundled.