Before submitting a Support Ticket, please check the Knowledge Base to see if your answer is already there.  There are many things you can handle, yourself, without having to submit a ticket.  However, if you can't find the solution you are looking for and you need to submit a Support Ticket, to better help us provide the solution you need, please make sure you do the following:

1.  Always include your Username on your Support Ticket.  If you are inquiring for someone else, please include their Username in your request.

2.  Enter your name as it was registered in our system.

3.  Choose the appropriate Subject Name

4.  If you are writing about a Transaction Hash ID, please copy and paste the Transaction Hash ID, in question.  While the screen shots are nice to have, we cannot work from them.  Also indicate what level you are paying for and copy and paste the Wallet Address you paid to.

5.  Be as complete and thorough, as possible so that we have the information we need to provide a solution.  

6.  Please do not submit more than one ticket for the same issue.

By adhering to the above items, you are helping to insure that we can give you the best solution possible, in the fastest time.  And if the reason for your ticket has been resolved, before we have a chance to respond, please close your ticket.