When you complete Step 2, on the Upgrade page and you receive an "OK" then you have nothing to worry about, your transaction will eventually get confirmed and your account will be automatically updated.

We have no control over the Blockchain and with the recent rise in the Bitcoin value, the Blockchain seems to be taking longer to confirm transactions.  However, as long as your payment is Pending in the system, you will be okay.  And if it your first payment you are concerned with, as long as your payment is showing as Pending, in the ZarFund System, your account will not be deleted, even after your 24 hour period has expired.

The normal confirmation time is between 30 minutes to an hour, but sometimes it can take longer.  We ask for your patience in receiving the 1 confirmation you need for your account to be updated and refrain, if possible, from sending in a Support Ticket, especially not before it has been at least 3 hours.  Just remember, if you got an "OK", then you are "OKAY."