Even though your first Bronze monthly subscription payment was sent in time, it must be completely approved or pending approval in the ZarFund system, before the 24 hour period is up or the system will automatically delete the account.. Once an account has been deleted, it cannot be reinstated or restored.  However, you are welcomed to rejoin and use your same information. As to any payment that was made but not recorded in time, please see if the person who the payment was sent to will send it back so that it can be resubmitted.


Unfortunately, we have no control over or involvement with the member to member subscription payments.  ZarFund merely allows you to keep a record of the transactions but the subscription payments do not pass through us. All we can do is advise a member to see if the person they sent the payment to will return it so that it can be resubmitted. Other than that, there is nothing we can do in this area and any resolution to the subscription payment will have to be between the sender and the receiver.