All emails are going out on schedule.  However, if you are not receiving your emails from us, we suggest that you first give it some time, then after that, if it still has not been received, check your spam/junk folders in your email provider.

If not there, your email provider may be blocking our emails.  We also highly suggest that you get a Gmail Email account to use in your ZarFund back office.  Once you get a Gmail account, please change your email, under Profile, in your back office.

If you already have a Gmail account but are still not receiving our emails, make sure that all of your tabs are being displayed.


When most Gmail accounts are opened, the "Updates" tab is not displayed.  To display the "Updates" tab, click on the (+) sign at the end of "Promotions" tab.  Then put a check mark in the "Updates" box to enable it, then click on Save.  


Now, you can check to see if your ZarFund emails have been going into your Updates tab.  Unfortunately, if you are still not receiving our emails, after this, our emails are being blocked and there is nothing we can do..